Custom Car Audio and Security

Car Alarms/Remote Starters

There is nothing worse than to come back to your vehicle after a long day at work,
to find that it has been vandalized.
You feel violated, right?
Your personal belongings gone.
Those pictures of your kids gone for ever.

Your car stereo gone.
Your alloy wheels gone. 
Your vehicle sitting on four bricks....
Your car window has been smatched in, and on that day it rained for a few hours.
Your laptop/ ipad/ipod/gone.
Most people will not install an after market security system to their automobile hoping that the factory security system will protect their investment.

Sorry to say that, but most factory system are basically a keyless entry device.
Most if not all, do not have an impact sensor that will trigger the system in the attempt of a break-in.
The factory installed security system will in fact keep the transport from starting, but will not protect your personal effects.
Do not become a victim.....! 
Have an after market security system installed today!

From the basic alarm system with a starter disable, door locks, trunk release, parking lights and a siren to a state of the art automobile security system with Gps technology, remote starter from anywhere via your cell phone, radar sensors, impact sensors , tilt sensors, even a camera which takes a picture of the  interior of the vehicle and sends it to your alarm remote control.


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